I was a Bon-Bon in the 'Northeastern Ballet' "The Nutcracker" production for 2013. I appeared in all three shows, two in Durham, N.H. and the other in Wolfeboro, N.H.

It was my first time in a ballet or any big show like this. I had to go to rehearsals every Saturday since September. It was fun. I enjoyed being in front of large crowds.

I hope to be in other productions with 'Northeastern Ballet'.

The performance days were long. Twice we did a full dress-rehearsal before the show. So I would have to be at the hall from before noon till the show finished at around 9:20. But, it was fun. We don't get to see the show. We are in a back room. So I haven't seen the show!

The YouTube videos.

Click to access.

....The one on Left is from Wolfeboro, the 3rd performance.

On the Right is from Durham, our first performance.

I am the second but last to come out of the bag.
I am blue and purple with a blue hat.

Pictures From Durham, on December 8, 2013.

Picture gallery. Click on a picture to ENLARGE ...

Pictures From Wolfeboro, on December 21, 2013.

 Picture gallery. Click on a picture to ENLARGE ...

Mrs. Deb Cook, who was Devanee's 2nd Grade Teacher at my school,
came to the Wolfeboro performance and bought me this
beautiful white Nutcracker as a present.

Thank you Mrs. Cook. I love it.

Other Pictures From Wolfeboro.

                                                                                    Picture gallery. Click on a picture to ENLARGE ... 

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