The Story of My Name

No, 'Teischan' isn't Indian or for that matter even Sri Lankan (where my Dad was born).

It is pronounced: tee - shan

Yes, the spelling is unique and I am the first person to be named 'Teischan' (with this spelling) -- at least per Google (in September 2005) and that was good enough for Dad.  That also explains why I have this domain name -- which Dad registered in December 2005 after Mom completed the 3rd trimester.

So what was the deal here?  Basically it is what you get when your Dad is 52 when you are due to be born and as such has had time to bum around the block (and in his case maybe even the world) a few times!

Around September, when Mom was in her 3rd trimester, Dad, taking advantage of her raging hormones, persuaded her to give him just ONE chance to come up with an acceptable name.  If she didn't like what he came up with ... then she could pick some names.  When she agreed he went to work.

He wanted a spelling that was UNIQUE.

Since they were not going to find out my gender before I was born Dad also opted to come up with an unisex name.

Well Italian renaissance painters have been Dad's latest kick for the last few years.  But he didn't want it to be obvious.  He wanted a name that would beguile and tantalize and only ring a bell with a few.  Plus it had to be Unisex.

'Teischan', in honor of the great Titian.
See below.

So that was the deal.  Simple as that but subtlety was the key.

Like my oldest sister Danielle I have no middle name.  As Dad says when you are a Gurugé you do not need too many qualifiers.

And that just leaves my last name "Gurugé".  That is Sri Lankan and means "from the house of the teacher".  Dad has taught; his mother was a teacher and his father is still extremely active in education.  So that part is still kind of germane.

So that is the story of my name: Teischan Gurugé. 

'Titian' entry from Wikipedia. Click image to access Wikipedia entry. 

Some of Dad's favorite Titians. He has very eclectic tastes as you can see. Click on the images to ENLARGE. 

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